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of William and Euphemia Johnson

My name is Reg and I am a descendant of William Johnson, Frank Ritchie Johnson, Reginald William Johnson. I am keen to locate any descendants of William Johnson.

I have been researching for some time now. It is an off and on process. But eventually I will get all those vital names to piece together the Johnson's.

It is important to me to keep a track of all the Johnsons so that those in the future can relate back to their ancestors. Hopefully the details I am searching for will be fruitful.

Below I have appended some names for consideration. You may recognise some and, if this is the case, please contact me. The details are a little sketchy because I feel it is not right to lodge all names on the internet for privacy reasons.

The immediate names that relate to me are, of course, Johnson, Jackson, Shea, Robertson and Rankin. A lot of the names relate to marriages. However, if you can relate to one of these name I am only too willing to help you.

(1) George Christopher Johnson

BIRTH: 30 April 1849 - Sydney NSW
DEATH: 21 Jan 1851 - Sydney NSW
BURIAL: 21 Jan 1851 - NSW

(2) George H Johnson

BIRTH: 1851 - San Francisco
DEATH: 1921 - Sydney NSW(tbc)

(3) Jane Eleanor Johnson NOTE

BIRTH: 1855 - San Francisco
MARRIAGE: 28 Oct 1870 to Christopher Jackson
DEATH: 6 May 1930 - NSW
BURIAL: Ulmarra - NSW

(4) Frank Ritchie Johnson

BORN: 1 Nov 1866
MARRIED: 21 Nov 1900 to Susan Shea Susan Shea
DEATH: 30 May 1947
BURIAL: 31 May 1947 - Ulmarra NSW

(5) Ernest Robert Johnson

BORN: 14 Feb 1869 - Ulmarra NSW
DEATH: 21 Oct 1956 - Ashfield NSW
BURIAL: 23 OCt 1956 - Sydney NSW

(6) Edith Clarence Johnson

BORN: 1873
DEATH: 10 Feb 1932


Agius, Ahern, Archer, Armstrong, Austin, Badham, Bale, Barrow, Beaver, Bedford, Bell, Bennett, Besgrove, Blanch, Bowles, Brinson, Burges, Burkhart, Campbell, Carr, Acter, Chadwick, Clemenson, Cocks, Collett, Connolly, Cowan, Cox, Craig, Crapp, Crowther, Cuell, Cullen, Dalgarno, Davis, Dennis, Dix, Etherington, Fanning, Fualkner, Ferris, Findley, Fisher, Fleming, Froome, George, Gillies, Gladwish, Graham, Grayson, Grebert, Green, Guppy, Halliday, Hansen, Higginbotham, Hobbs, Holiman, Holyoake, Howard, Humphries, Hurley, Huttinger, Jackson, Jell, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Kitchin, Knox, Larter, Lemon, Little, Littlewood, Looker, Macdonald, Marston, Maslen, Matterson, McDowell, McKenna, McMachlan, McMurtrie, McPherson, Mee, Middlemiss, Mifsud, Mitchell, Netleton, Northcott, O'Brien, Paterson, Pearce, Petrie, Price, Prideau, Rankin , Reid, Richards, Robertson, Rogers, Ross, Rowley, Ryan, Sandiford, Schipp, Shaw, Shea , Slater, Sly, Smidt, Smith, Stokes, Storey, Szulc, Taylor, Thomas, Tranter, Walsh, Waters, Watts, Webb, Whitwell, Wilson, Wood, Woodland, Xuereb.

EXPLANATION : Jane Ellinor Johnson
Jane was supposedly born on the ship travelling to America and the birth registered in San Francisco. However, there is an anomally here because they left Sydney in 1851 and Jane was born in 1855. There could be a possibility that George was born on the ship. This is to be confirmed.


Christopher Jackson

BORN: 1844
DEATH: 1905
Children of Jane and Christopher:
Sarah Anne b1872, Jane Falcon b1874, Mary (Minnie) b1875, William Robert b1877, Elsie May b1881, Cecil b1885 and Christopher b1889


Susan Shea

Father: James Joseph Shea
Mother: Margaret Rankin

BORN: 1874
DEATH: 1939
Children of Frank and Susan:
Frederick Hope b1901, Reginald William b 1903, Ronald Frederick b1905, Frank Ernest b1909, James b1910, Amy Margaret b191, Hubert James b1913, Alan Geoffrey and George b1915 and Ilma Kathleen


This is a sample set only. There is much more and I am getting into areas where some are or could be alive and I feel it is not appropriate to put onto the internet. Please contact me if you have a connection

Thank you for visiting. If you have an association with a name please contact me regncarm at netspeed#com#au (replace the at and # with the usual)

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