This Johnson line is in Australia. Specifically in the state of New South Wales and centred on the Clarence River region of Northern New South Wales and in particular Cowper, Ulmarra, Lower Coldstream, Maclean and Tyndale areas.

However, there is a brief association with America. Although breifly, they all returned to Australia.

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Tracing the descendants of William Johnson and Euphemia Petrie Robertson.

William Johnson was born in NSW about 1829. He married Euphemia in June 1848 in Sydney New South Wales.

In 1851 he took his family to America seeking gold. On the way a child was born and registered at San Francisco. Another child was born in America too. One child died.

He returned to Australia at around 1858.

He settled in the Clarence River region at Cowper, Northern New South Wales. The next birth was a son born here in 1866. It was sometime before this date William settled in this area.

They had six children , George C, George A, Jane E, Frank R, Ernest R and Edith C.

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As at January 2002 I have traced all descendant Johnsons from William. There are a few dates which have to be confirmed. When I receive those dates a book will be produced and mad available on CD. Those wishing a copy of the CD should place an expression of interest with me via email. An email connection is available below.

Below, I have a list of names in the database. You can email me on regncarm at netspeed # com # au (change the at and hashes to the usual)


Agius, Ahern, Archer, Armstrong, Austin, Badham, Bale, Barrow, Beaver, Bedford, Bell, Bennett, Besgrove, Blanch, Bowles, Brinson, Burges, Burkhart, Campbell, Carr, Acter, Chadwick, Clemenson, Cocks, Collett, Connolly, Cowan, Cox, Craig, Crapp, Crowther, Cuell, Cullen, Dalgarno, Davis, Dennis, Dix, Etherington, Fanning, Fualkner, Ferris, Findley, Fisher, Fleming, Froome, George, Gillies, Gladwish, Graham, Grayson, Grebert, Green, Guppy, Halliday, Hansen, Higginbotham, Hobbs, Holiman, Holyoake, Howard, Humphries, Hurley, Huttinger, Jackson, Jell, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Kitchin, Knox, Larter, Lemon, Little, Littlewood, Looker, Macdonald, Marston, Maslen, Matterson, McDowell, McKenna, McMachlan, McMurtrie, McPherson, Mee, Middlemiss, Mifsud, Mitchell, Netleton, Northcott, O'Brien, Paterson, Pearce, Petrie, Price, Prideau, Rankin , Reid, Richards, Robertson, Rogers, Ross, Rowley, Ryan, Sandiford, Schipp, Shaw, Shea , Slater, Sly, Smidt, Smith, Stokes, Storey, Szulc, Taylor, Thomas, Tranter, Walsh, Waters, Watts, Webb, Whitwell, Wilson, Wood, Woodland, Xuereb.

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